Our values are the cornerstone of our company, defining who we are and separating us from our competitors.

They are at the heart of our future vision, corporate strategies, decisions, actions, and behaviors. We think that living true to our values benefits our customers, workforce, and the communities we serve.


At Volta Technology, we treat everyone and every organization with the utmost respect, and we operate in accordance with the highest standards of ethics.


We are at the forefront of battery technology innovation, putting us in a strong position for future growth.


In terms of safety and quality, we make sure our products and services are the most dependable, and we always aim for continual improvement and to exceed expectations.


We see challenges as opportunities for us to succeed. To achieve our desired goal, we completely devote ourselves to each project with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Volta Technology considers itself a responsible business.


Our mission is entirely focused on building a solid-state battery that brings power and transportation to greenhouse gas neutrality.

Our scientists and engineers work at the forefront of battery technology innovation, positioning our company for extraordinary growth. We challenge our limits daily to become the most sought-after and pioneering solid-state battery company in the world.

To accomplish this, we seek out opportunities to positively impact the communities where we work. We also strive to reduce our environmental impact and provide a professional and supportive work environment for our employees, allowing us to develop our revolutionary product.

We aspire for sustainable growth by aiming to lessen the environmental impact of our company activities, such as the impact of our batteries and operations on climate change and biodiversity. We work to create, implement, and promote technologies that allow the environment and the economy to coexist peacefully.

Acting alone, volta technology cannot achieve the broad societal impact we aspire to.

Therefore, we establish close partnerships with a wide range of organizations active in environmental preservation. We are committed to setting higher standards for ourselves and collaborating with others on global challenges to drive greater impact across the battery industry and beyond.